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ConnTech Incorporated approaches the fields of Broadcast, Commercial A/V, and Live Stage Production installations as if they were realms, and calls them:

The Air, The Ground, and The Soul.



The realm of residential and commercial A/V is firmly rooted to the Ground. It is tied to the physical world of the facility or residence where we place our installation. Here, meticulous planning, design, and precise execution are essential to laying the foundation for robust systems. We build a sturdy structure, ensuring that every cable is technically sound and every component is firmly in place, providing a solid...



Live stage production systems installations is the Soul of what we do. We delve into the essence of performance, capturing the soul of the event. It’s about creating an immersive experience that resonates with audiences on a deeper level. It’s like breathing life into a performance, infusing it with emotion and energy, transforming technical setups into memorable moments that touch the hearts and souls of those...

We are all about Audio, Video, Network, and Control, and these four techs are based on one common electro-mechanical principle: Connectivity.




The Mysterious Realm of Sound

Have you ever encountered the question that asks whether sound ever happens if there is no one to hear it? I’m sure you have. You probably have your own opinion concerning this question and it probably comes from the fundaments you were educated with....


The CobraNet System

Digital audio is a technology that has arrived for good. It seems that digital audio as peer-to-peer data is an even better and more efficient way of transmitting, routing, and managing an audio signal....


Technology: Power & Permission

It seems that the word ‘Power‘ started its trajectory in the 9th century idiomatic or Vulgar Latin with ‘Potere’. The same concept was being expressed in Sanskrit (patih), and Greek (posis)....