[it_heading heading_style=”style2″ text=”” extrabold=”300″]…we are a trained crew of Audio, Video, Network, and Control Systems installers.[/it_heading]

OUR MISSION – We are all about Audio, Video, Network, and Control, and these four techs are based on one common electro-mechanical principle. Connectivity. This Principle is defined as electro-mechanical because it is mainly perceived in mechanisms or systems that use electricity to function. A blender, for example, gets connected to a plug in the wall powered by a system that powers the system inside the blender. Both these systems are built by components connected to each other in a way that permits them to perform uniquely. All the vehicles we use, our bodies included, are systems built by electro-mechanical components of different nature that enable us to use them for different transportation purposes. All the buildings and houses with automation, surveillance, solar power, elevators, and escalators depend on connectivity. Our whole Planet which is built by components called eco systems depends on connectivity not only electro-mechanical, some systems are of such subtle nature that science has not yet defined them. In fact, our solar system depends on some serious connections so that the planets remain in place. This is ConnTech’s mission. To commercially develop the areas of Connectivity we already know and to create a research resource to discover and define the ones we don’t.


AIR Clients

– Broadcast International Group (BIG)

– One Diversified   – M/BITS

– TechnoGroup    – TIBSG

– Telemundo    -NBC6 Miramar

– The Systems Group    -SONY SIC

– Panasonic  -Ascent Media

– Professional Communications Systems




GROUND Clients

– Audio Rents  -Hollywood Sound Systems

– Arthur+Lambert       – BAV Solutions

– Digital Video Systems        – Tarpon Bend

– Broward College      – University of Miami

– National A/V Inst.   – Walton Management

– Eveready Electric        – ProMedia Group





SOUL Clients

– Pristine Music   – Red Rock Studios

– MasterHouse     – Circle House

– Arvelo Productions     – Bravo Productions

– Someillan Productions     – Ed Calle Prod.

– Richie Perez  – Antonio Rayo

– James Gasior    – Jorge Dobal

– Ed Calle    – Unitarian Universalist Church

– Big Bang Studios   – Big Dog Studios

– Grupo Niche Studios   – Studio Center

– Pete Wallace     -Doug Emery    – Estefano