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It looks like music has been an intimate part of Humankind for a very long time. According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia the first instruments date back 41000 years. Hard to believe that so far back Humans already had a notion of deriving musical notes from a musical tool. History World has another very interesting layout of a music instrument timeline and a nutritious research site, but our real focus is to bring you awareness of NEW music instruments and tools that are being developed today.

Besides the interesting and sometimes bizarre examples we get to see in the video, there are some other ones that are mind-blowing just by their sheer creativity and originality. The Incredible Marble Machine, invented by Martin Molin from the band Wintergatan was such a surprising sensation that it exhibited for several months in the Dutch Speelklok Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Another amazing instrument is the Chapman Stick. It’s a guitar without a body invented by Emmett Chapman in the seventies. I could go on and on about this outstanding achievement, but I would prefer to let the inventor himself do it. Additionally, here’s Bob Culbertson, a great stick player performing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Enjoy.

Here is an unusual instrument that uses water to generate sound. The Hydraulophone uses a series of hydraulic mechanisms to create sound. At first it looks cumbersome, unnecessary, and hard to place in the midst of an orchestra, but the originality of the idea is what attracts attention. Steve Mann, the inventor behind this idea is an unuasual Human of seemingly unquenchable reserve of creativity. He is an example of original creative thinking and a model for how we can direct our attributes to create originality.

These four examples of original music instruments use unfettered technology to bring forward ideas that transcend established tradition and break ground for new tendencies in thinking. A thinking pattern like this can solve all the problems we are facing as a species and create a trajectory for the future. In the years to come we are facing extinction, and some of us are so deeply embedded in greed, corruption, and the unscrupulous hoarding of power and wealth, that the idea of lifting our sight from the narrow path of self interest to a wider criteria of collective effort advantageous to EVERYONE, creates a whirlwind of division and controversy. What a shame.

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It seems that the word ‘Power’ started its trajectory in the 9th century idiomatic or Vulgar Latin with ‘Potere’. The same concept was being expressed in Sanskrit (patih), and Greek (posis).


Satellite TV is widely used throughout the world now, with millions of users all over. Many people are familiar with the way it works: the dish properly aimed at the satellites in space, the receiver connected to the dish, and the television connected to the receiver. 

Digital audio is a technology that has arrived for good. And it seems that digital audio as peer-to-peer data is an even better and more efficient way of transmitting, routing, and managing an audio signal.

Have you ever encountered the question that asks whether sound ever happens if there is no one to hear it?

I’m sure you have. You probably have your own opinion concerning this question and it probably comes from the fundaments you were educated with.

According to Wikipedia, Technology is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function. It can also refer to the collection of such tools and machinery.