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It seems that the word ‘Power‘ started its trajectory in the 9th century idiomatic or Vulgar Latin with ‘Potere’. The same concept was being expressed in Sanskrit (patih), and Greek (posis).

There are vague indications that this use was proliferated by attaching the word to Divine Ability, making Power a more meaningful word than ability, and more capable of referring to a capacity (not containment) that is somehow beyond ourselves. The simple Truth is that both words only differ in concept. In other words, Power and Ability (or capacity) have the same exact meaning, but we attach a greater significance to the word power so we can express abilities that are above or beyond our own. Between 995 A.D and 1300 A.D the English language mutated from Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman into modern English. The 12th century gave us the Anglo-Norman ‘Pouair’ which means “to be able to” or “capable of” which denote Ability and Capacity, and by the advent of the 14th century with the illegal translations of the Bible into Middle English, the word ‘Power’ denoting Divine Ability was firmly entrenched into popular English.

The physical environment is the most comprehensive, basic, and general platform defining existence on our Host Planet. Science and human belief and disbelief are based on physics. Anything provable by physical definition is believable, anything not is subject to scientific debate until proven by the laws of physics. In physics, power is the time rate at which work is done and energy is transferred. Energy is the ability to perform physical action or work, and time is a linear illusion invented by human discernment in order to create a tool that measures efficiency (Earth’s rotation around itself and trajectory around the Sun). Capacity, on the other hand is the ability to contain or be acted upon, but most of the time we define it also as the ability to act and perform anything. Words are a bitch, but there they are… Power, Ability, and Capacity mean pretty much the same, yet we conceptualize them differently because of human cultural interpretation.

In social science and politics, Power is the ability to influence the behavior of people. Legitimate authority must wield legitimate power to be perceived as legitimate by the social structure. Otherwise, it will be perceived as criminal, unjust, or even evil. How is this legitimacy achieved? By any means, sometimes (most of the time) against the collective will of the humans comprising the social structure. Most of us don’t believe we are capable of coercion (violent force or the threat of violent force), or that we can be coerced upon, but we do, and that is how we live. Coercion is what keeps us in line. The threat of violent action against us is what keeps us from expressing our true feelings or ideas if we think they roll against the norm. Most of us will stay silent if we think our mouths will create trouble, and frown against anyone who voices an opinion that creates friction with our beliefs. I could keep on going as to the variations of ‘power’ when applied to the law, with its Right, Ability, or Authority parameters, whether it’s personal or collective, upward or downward, inherent or derivative. Whether its authorities are naked or coupled, by revocation or appointment, an appendant, or gross, general, or particular… but I won’t.

I am mostly interested in talking about technology; increasing our human abilities through it, and how we apply it on our Host Planet. When is technology correctly or incorrectly applied? Mostly, who gives us permission to do what we do? Where do we get the go ahead to create and destroy indiscriminately? Who do we think we are that we can stupidly destroy our Host Planet by not paying attention to what we’re doing as a collective (human) entity?


The word ‘Permission’ passed into Middle English in the early 15th century from the Latin word permission, a noun of action. It expresses a granted authorization to do something, an approval for a course of action granted by someone in authority.

Human social structure is a collective of billions of human individuals living on the surface of a Host entity. We are a virus or a parasite attached to a living being and slowly killing it. Before having the capacity to incorporate technology into our social structure we did not have the ability or resources to express this danger. Now we do. Our incorrect use of technology is a growing threat, and the danger we represent to our Host Planet and all its parasitic species including our own is clear and very present. Why did we get here and how do we change this before it becomes too late?

There were 2.55 billion humans in 1950, and we are almost 7.5 billion today only 66 years later. The rate of growth has decreased dramatically since 1970, but there are still many more being born than those dying. With only 766 million acres of arable land on the whole planet, sustainable agriculture to feed everyone is a challenge. However, there are still about another 50 million square miles (32 billion acres) of deserts, mountains, plains, and plateaus where we can apply correct technology designed to sustain not only human life but all others. This is without mentioning the 140 million square miles of water surface. Our host Planet is manageable. All life living in it is saveable, feedable, and sustainable if management through correct technology is applied correctly. Why then are we not at least starting to move in that direction? Roughly 20,000 people will die of hunger today and over 7 million will die in 2016…of hunger. Why is this happening?

Each one of us is an individual with inherent freedom of choice. Each one of us has the power, ability, and capacity to express whatever we want in any way or form we want to. We arrive as a newborn in this environment and start perceiving instantly from our first quickening breath. Expression happens instantly as well, just like perception. We start letting ourselves out in one way or another as soon as we take in our first breath…as soon as we start perceiving. The middle process however, the one that separates us from the rest of the mammals on this host planet, the greatest attribute of all attributes on this planet, the capacity, ability, and power to take an internal close look at what we are perceiving, define it, file it in there, go back to it, compare it, filter it, emote it, discern it, and finally, after a process that can take anything between 13 seconds and a whole lifetime…express it, takes longer. I call this process assimilation, and the variables it contains are infinite. This process requires education, and by education I mean it needs to be monitored, informed, developed, and upgraded constantly. Educating our process of assimilation will also help us hone our process of perception and increase our ability to express ourselves. However, perceiving the infinite complexity of this tripartite mechanism of the human psyche is not what blows the mind. This happens when we realize that there are 7.5 million different ones in the same isolated island.

In this middle attribute we all have is where Power encounters Permission. The power we attain as we experience life has to deal face to face with the permission we give ourselves to express a desire through action. This relationship is different within each individual, and it alone defines what each individual is capable of expressing. The infinite complexities we each carry as individuals resolve problems we encounter as a collective much harder to resolve, and when we can’t agree on time how to solve the most dangerous threats that humanity faces, we disappear as a race.  At this point in our history, we are our greatest threat. Our incorrect application of technology supports war, which creates destruction, misery, pain, hunger, ignorance, and many other detrimental variables added to our collective psyche. It polarizes it into those who can still love, and those who have given in to hate. A human who carries hate has very different permissions than a human who carries love, and in that mysterious place in our minds where Power meets Permission is that we ask ourselves the questions that matter: May I kill?  May I destroy? May I wage war for profit? May I invent weapons of destruction? May I invade someone else’s house and kill their family? May I lie? May I poison the place I live in?  May I support corruption?   Or:… May I educate?  May I build? May I show compassion? May I protect my Host Planet? May I teach Peace where I go? May I heal when I can? May I learn wisdom and always apply correct action? With my knowledge and power to apply technology, how can I nurture Love and starve Hate?

Jan Tholenaar is the Chief Tech at ConnTech Incorporated he is also a life-long student of Theosophy and Technology. He believes in the power of Divine and Human Technology and hopes that Humans learn how to use it correctly someday. He lives and works in the Miami Dade area and is a committed student of connectivity.

You can reach him here. Or tell him exactly what you want here.

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