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  • $3.30

    ConnTech Incorporated’s NP2C 2-Pole 1/4″ Professional Phone Plug. Engineered with precision and durability, this plug ensures unparalleled performance for audio enthusiasts and professionals.

    Color: Black / Gold.  Material: Nickel Chrome. Weight: 1.52 lbs. Length: 7.62 cm. Width: 1.27 cm.

    Reliable. Stylish. Compact. Connect with confidence.

  • $7.00

    NP3TT-P-B Professional Phone Plug by ConnTech Incorporated. Crafted for precision and reliability, this premium connector sets the standard for professional-grade performance. With a rugged metal shell, chuck-type strain relief, and precision machined contacts, it’s perfect for live sound, studio recording, broadcast, and DJ setups.

    Black with Silver accents, crafted from Nickel Chrome.

    Lightweight at 1.52 lbs, measuring 7.62 cm x 1.27 cm.

    Seamless audio connectivity in a sleek package.

  • $7.00

    Meet the NP3TT-P-R Cable Connector from ConnTech Incorporated: Black with red accents, nickel chrome build, 1.52 lbs, 7.62 cm long, 0.9525 cm wide.  Elevate your audio with the Neutrik NP3TT-P-R Audio Cable Connector from ConnTech. Engineered for performance and durability, this 3-pole male connector sets the industry standard. With a rugged metal shell, secure cable clamping, and colored rings for easy coding, it’s essential for professional audio setups.

  • $7.50

    Elevate your audio with ConnTech’s NP3TT-1-B audio cable connector. Designed for professionals, it features a durable diecast metal shell and secure chuck-type strain relief system. The rubber gland boot adds protection, while colored rings ensure easy coding.

  • $7.50

    Upgrade your audio with ConnTech’s NP3TT-1-R cable connector. Featuring a rugged diecast metal shell and precision-machined contacts for seamless connectivity. Silver/Red design, Nickel Chrome material. Lightweight at 1.52 lbs, compact at 7.62 cm length, and 0.9525 cm width. Perfect for seamless audio connections. Trust ConnTech for high-performance connectors that enhance your setup.