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Techflex® Flexo® Wrap Braided Cable Sleeving 1-1’4″ (32 mm) 100 FT.

Original price was: $165.00.Current price is: $120.00.

  • Size: 1-1’4″ (32 mm) 100 FT
  • Cuts Easily With Hot Knife
  • Melt Temp: 482°F / 250°C
  • Operating Temps: -94°F to 257°F (-70°C to 125°C)

We have 14 x 100 ft. Rolls at $120.00/roll

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Techflex®Flexo® Wrap Braided Cable Sleeve

FLEXO® WRAP (FW), the ultimate cable management solution engineered and manufactured exclusively by Techflex®. Designed to tackle a multitude of application challenges, FW revolutionizes the way you manage wire, cable, and hose assemblies and Wrap Braided Cable Sleeve.

Featuring a color-matched hook and loop closure, FW ensures effortless installation and removal, offering instant access for harness break-outs and rework along the entire length of your assembly. Its expandable, open weave design allows FW to conform seamlessly to various bundle diameters and irregular shapes, providing unmatched versatility.

Flexo® Wrap simplifies wire management with its user-friendly design. Simply separate the hook and loop fasteners, slide FW around or under your harness or component assembly, and seal the closure along the edges. Its wide expand-ability range ensures a snug fit around odd-shaped connectors while gently constricting around wire diameters.


  • Size: 1-1’4″ (32 mm) 100 FT
  • Hook & Loop Closure For Easy installation
  • Side Entry Design
  • Very High Abrasion Resistance
  • Expands To Fit Over Connectors
  • Operating Temps: -94°F to 257°F (-70°C to 125°C)
  • Halogen Free – RoHS Compliant
  • Resists Common Chemicals & Solvents
  • Organic Flame Inhibitor
  • Melt Temp: 482°F / 250°C
  • Cuts Easily With Hot Knife
  • Inside Diameters Are Measured as Round Not Flat

Custom Order Process:

To order, add two days to the shipment date. Our skilled technicians will craft your Techflex®Flexo® Wrap Braided Cable Sleeve to meet the highest quality standards, seamlessly integrating into your audio setup. Customize your order here.

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