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Our Broadcast Systems Integration trajectory is long and experienced. We have participated in the installation and wiring of Radio and Television systems in California, New York, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Mexico City, Bogota, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Port Au Prince, Santo Domingo, Orangestad, and St, Nazaire, France. Our crew is fluently bilingual and bicultural in both English and Spanish, and our most experienced lead has supervised crews in all the above mentioned places.

ConnTech Inc. is covered nationally by trustworthy liability and Worker’s Comp insurance providers, and ready to complete insurance provisions internationally for any country in the world.

Hiring us to implement your design in the Dade or Broward counties in Florida will help you expedite and save on lodging, transportation and per-deum. Hiring us to go to South America or The Caribbean will give you the advantage of a fluent bilingual and bicultural crew. Call us today for a free one hour consultation.


Let us bring our Audio and Video integration and installation resources and experience directly into your living room, bedroom, garden, church, office, conference room, bar, nightclub, or diner. We have frequent specials with extravagantly reduced prices for your pockets’ convenience. Our Newsletter will inform you of everything we do and keep you abreast of the opportunities you can take advantage of and will only find here.

You have an idea that keeps you up at night. Maybe it’s a space you would like to fill up with sound, or a living room you would like to enable for entertainment, or a system you already own that needs a cleanup, upgrade, or re-wire. ConnTech Incorporated is who you need to call. Building audio, video, network, and control systems is what we do better than anyone else on a price/quality platform that no one else can touch.

Our intentions are strong and powerfully directed. Little by little we are structuring resources to bring prices down and quality up, so hire us and help us become the best. Call us today for a free one hour consultation.


Our planet is filled with creative people. There is more art than water. We at ConnTech Inc. believe that our human race is divided in two: those who are creative and those who think they aren’t. We firmly believe that every human being has two basic attributes: free will and the power to direct it anywhere. When we start exercising these two basic attributes we automatically start developing intuitive creativity and creative intuition. This is the capacity to come up with an expression for our deepest thoughts and emotions. This inspiration comes to us from our immediate environment, from the furthest corners of the Universe, or from the deepest confines of our Spirit. We ingest it through our more than five senses, digest it with our Heart and Soul, and express it back as form, color, taste, emotion, movement, and/or sound. It is also the best tool for figuring out solutions to problems.

Many of our clients are accomplished musicians, audio/video engineers, producers, and media artists. Many are students within these fields and many approach us with the desire to investigate these areas for the first time. You all have one desire in common: to feed your soul. We are here to help you fulfill this desire. Call us today for a free one hour consultation.




Jan Tholenaar is the Chief Tech at ConnTech Inc. He has been structuring this company since 1989 when he started a DBA in Los Angeles to deduct expenses for tax purposes. Back then he was working for three well known figureheads of the audio world there: Alan Byers and Bob Burton (Audio Rents); and Les Harrison (Hollywood sound Systems). However, this is not where he started with tech. He started in 1981 in Altos de Chavon (La Romana, Dominican Republic) as a Front-Of-House apprentice for William Culhane and Bill Robinson, two well known FOH engineers from New York and Atlanta.

Jan Tholenaar is not a design or maintenance engineer. He’s not any kind of engineer, but he’s been installing Audio and Video systems for forty years nonstop. He is an old wire monkey with a vast knowledge of how wire and cable connect a system together. He is your ideal consultant for any type of system wiring project. Call us to consult with him for free.


ConnTech Incorporated is a relatively young and well established small company local to the Dade and Broward counties in Southern Florida. We have been servicing the Broadcast and A/V markets in this region since moving from Los Angeles in November 1997.

We are a crew of installers. We don’t bid, design, or draft, unless a client approaches us directly with the request that we do all that for budget reasons. Normally, a client that has won a big broadcast or A/V installation bid will approach us with a completed design and drawings and asks us for an installation quote,

All the large local and outside installation companies love us because we are Responsible, Reliable, and budget-friendly. We are covered by liability insurances and Workers Comp. for your peace of mind, and our quotes are firm, transparent, and fee-based so you always know where your money is going. Call us toda and request a quote.


Feel free to contact us and ask any question about our services.