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The realm of Broadcast is made of Air, and Air is the ethereal nature of broadcast systems where signals travel invisibly through space. Just like the air, these installations require subtlety, attention to precise connectivity, and  knowledge. Making sure of achieving a seamless transmission and reception of audio and video content is the ultimate intention.

A broadcast installation is about harnessing the intangible, making sure every signal is connected where it’s supposed to be and reaches your TV with exceptional quality and with no interference.

Our Broadcast Systems Integration trajectory is long and experienced. We have participated in the installation and wiring of Radio and Television systems in California, New York, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Mexico City, Bogota, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Port Au Prince, Santo Domingo, Orangestad, and St, Nazaire, France. Our crew is fluently bilingual and bicultural in both English and Spanish, and our most experienced lead has supervised crews in all the above mentioned places.


The realm of residential and commercial A/V is firmly rooted to the Ground. It is tied to the physical world of the facility or residence where we place our installation. Here, meticulous planning, design, and precise execution are essential to laying the foundation for robust systems. We build a sturdy structure, ensuring that every cable is technically sound and every component
is firmly in place, providing a solid platform for seamless operation.

We bring our Audio and Video integration and installation resources and experience directly into your living room, bedroom, garden, church, office, conference room, bar, nightclub, or diner. All those spaces are yours to tell us what you want.

You have an idea that keeps you up at night. Maybe it’s a space you would like to fill up with sound, or a living room you would like to enable for entertainment, or a system you already own that needs a cleanup, upgrade, or re-wire. Building A/V Systems to fulfill that idea is what we do.

Our intentions are strong and powerfully directed. Little by little we are structuring resources to bring prices down and quality up, so hire us and help us become the best. Call us today for a free one hour consultation.


Live stage production systems installations is the Soul of what we do. We delve into the essence of performance, capturing the soul of the event. It’s about creating an immersive experience that resonates with audiences on a deeper level. It’s like breathing life into a performance, infusing it with emotion and energy, transforming technical setups into memorable moments that touch the hearts  and souls of those present.

Our planet is filled with creative people. There is more art than water. We at ConnTech Inc. believe that our human race is divided in two: those who are creative and those who think they aren’t. We firmly believe that every human being has two basic attributes: free will and the power to direct it anywhere. When we start exercising these two basic attributes we automatically start developing intuitive creativity and creative intuition. This is the capacity to come up with an expression for our deepest thoughts and emotions. This inspiration comes to us from our immediate environment, from the furthest corners of the Universe, or from the deepest confines of our Spirit. We ingest it through our more than five senses, digest it with our Heart and Soul, and express it back as form, color, taste, emotion, movement, and/or sound. It is also the best tool for figuring out solutions to problems.

Many of our clients are accomplished musicians, audio/video engineers, producers, and media artists. Many are students within these fields and many approach us with the desire to investigate these areas for the first time. You all have one desire in common: to feed your soul. We are here to help you fulfill this desire.



Jan Tholenaar is the Chief Technician at ConnTech Incorporated, a company he has been shaping since 1989. Since that time, he worked with prominent figures in the audio, video, network, and control industries in Los Angeles, was the secretary for the Los Angeles chapter of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and participated in many Broadcast, AV, Stage, Recording, and Entertainment systems installations in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico. He moved to Florida in 1997, renamed the company and has continued building it. However, Jan’s journey in tech began earlier, in 1981, as a Front-Of-House apprentice for renowned engineers William Culhane and Bill Robinson in Altos de Chavon, La  Romana, Dominican Republic. He had the privilege of working with an exceptional team of stage techs where he participated in the construction of the Altos de Chavon Amphitheater and was the FOH, Monitor Tech or Stage Manager for all the international celebrities that toured through.  Jan is not a design or maintenance engineer, but he has been installing audio and video systems continuously for forty years. With his extensive knowledge of system wiring, he is the ideal consultant for any wiring project.


At ConnTech Incorporated, we bridge the gap between our talent and your company, creating a perfect match to drive successful installations. We are dedicated to understanding your needs and design a tailored approach to every placement. With a crew of highly skilled professionals and wire monkeys in training we offer comprehensive staffing solutions across the tech level spectrum that cater to temporary or permanent roles. Our crew is comprised of uni-lingual, bi-lingual, and tri-lingual speakers capable of managing international environments with ease. Our team of expert recruiters employs a meticulous vetting process, guaranteeing candidates with the right skills and cultural fit. We pride ourselves on our commitment to efficiency, transparency, and timely service, making the hiring process seamless and comfortable and at the same time making sure that the talent you hire from us is covered by liability and Workers’ Comp insurances for your protection. At ConnTech Incorporated, your goals are our mission. Whether you’re a company seeking exceptional talent or a professional looking for the next career move, trust us to deliver outstanding results. We will wear your T-shirts.


We are Miami Local, but we can spread out from here. ConnTech Incorporated is a well-established small company serving the Broadcast and A/V markets in Dade and Broward counties in Southern Florida, since relocating from Los Angeles in November 1997. Our team has helped install Broadcast and AV systems in Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Washington DC, Haiti, Aruba, The Dominican Republic, and France. We specialize in installations for any environment. We typically don’t handle bidding, designing, or drafting unless requested by a client for budgetary reasons. Clients usually approach us with completed designs and drawings for an installation quote after winning a large broadcast or A/V installation bid. We are helpers. Highly regarded by both local and external installation companies for our responsibility, reliability, and secure and budget-friendly services. We carry liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation for your peace of mind. Our quotes are transparent, and fee-based, so you always know where your money is going. Read our blogs, visit our shop, and register and subscribe.


Feel free to contact us and ask any question about our services.