The Air


Our Broadcast Systems Integration trajectory is long and experienced. We have participated in the installation and wiring of Radio and Television systems in California, New York, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Mexico City, Bogota, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Haiti, and Santo Domingo. Our crew is fluently bilingual and bicultural in both English and Spanish, and our most experienced lead has supervised crews in all the above mentioned Spanish speaking countries.
ConnTech Inc. is covered nationally by trustworthy liability and Worker’s Comp insurance providers, and ready to complete insurance  provisions internationally for any country in the world as soon as you need us to.
We are not a fully staffed Broadcast Integration company with engineers and project managers and bidding resources. What we are is a highly efficient crew of well trained audio and video installers that have collected an overwhelming amount of experience through the years. We are lean and easy on the cost.

Hiring us will help you save and expedite on your projects, and your clients will be completely happy and satisfied with our work. And yes, we will wear your T-shirt if you need us to. And No, we will never approach your clients for direct work, it is against our code of ethics and we are willing to sign any non-solicitation/non-disclosure agreement you offer.

ConnTech Inc. is honored by being associated with the best Broadcast Systems Integrators, Engineers, and Technicians in South Florida. We have done great work through them and have acquired sound experience by learning from them. We would be even more honored by making you a part of this select group.