The Ground


We are bringing our Audio and Video integration and installation resources and experience directly into your livingroom, bedroom, garden, church, office, conference room, and into your favorite bar, nightclub, or diner.

We have frequent specials with extravagantly reduced prices for your pocket convenience. Our Newsletter will inform you of everything we do and keep you abreast of the opportunities you can take advantage of and will only find here.

Let us know what you’re thinking and what you want so we can work towards your goals and help you achieve them. ConnTech Incorporated has only one thing in its mind: to build audio and video systems that work better than anyone else’s on a price/quality platform that no one else can touch.

Our intentions are strong and powerfully directed. Little by little we are structuring resources to bring prices down and quality up so stick with us and help us become the best. You will not regret it.