The Soul


Our planet is filled with creative people. There is more art than water. We at ConnTech Inc. believe that our human race is divided in two, those who are creative, and those who think they aren’t. We firmly believe that every human being has two basic attributes: free will, and the power to direct it anywhere. When we start exercising these two basic attributes we automatically start developing intuitive creativity or creative intuition.

The capacity to come up with solutions to problems, intention and direction to our desires, and expression to our deepest thoughts and emotions. This expression can come out as form, color, taste, sound, or sensation and get ingested back by our senses to become emotional and sensorial experience that feeds our soul and makes us better humans. Many of our clients are accomplished musicians, audio and video engineers and producers, and media artists. Many of our clients are students within these fields, and many approach us with the desire to investigate these areas for the first time.

These three types of clients have one desire in common: to feed their soul. To translate their emotions and feelings into something tangible that others can see or hear or both. This is where we come in. We design systems that are custom built to fullfil very personalized needs.

When you tell us what you want to accomplish, how you want to accomplish it, and what your work habits are, we help you decide for yourself what is the best system to suit your needs and we build it for you. If you want to keep informed of our comings and goings, get subscribed to our Newsletter.